Sandra Völler

Entrepreneur/CEO of the Year

Sandra Völler


Enthusiasm and empathy are always at the heart of Sandra Völler's work: the founder and CEO of AGILITA wants to awaken enthusiasm for new things in customers and lead change processes with empathy. The SAP partner company, which was founded in 2005 and now has 170 employees, accompanies medium-sized companies on their digital transformation to the cloud. She has been with her husband for 30 years and has two grown-up daughters. It has always been clear to her that family and career are not mutually exclusive. That's why today she also specifically promotes other women to enable them to follow similar career paths.In addition to her family, her heart beats for business administration and information technology. So after studying business informatics, she went straight into the SAP world, which she has since helped shape with her creativity and passion for innovation.