Patrizia Laeri, Nadine Jürgensen, Simone Züger

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Patrizia Laeri, Nadine Jürgensen, Simone Züger

Co-Founders, ellexx

Economist Patrizia Laeri, lawyer Nadine Jürgensen and designer Simone Züger founded ellexx, the financial platform for women, in 2021.

Close the Gaps! That is the fintech's mission. Just a few months after its launch, ellexx succeeded in building the largest female finance community in Switzerland, which now numbers 50 000 women. On the universal financial platform, all relevant financial topics are brought together in one place in an understandable, appealing way and at eye level. The fintech offers information, financial education, independent advice and products.

Since its launch, the founders and their team have coached and financially empowered tens of thousands of women. The inspiring, feminist content regularly goes viral and generates a high level of visibility - far beyond the borders of Switzerland.