Brigitte Breisacher

Entrepreneur/CEO of the Year

Brigitte Breisacher

CEO, Alpnach Schränke + Küchen AG

Since 2008, Brigitte Breisacher has been the owner and CEO of Alpnach Norm Holding AG – a company based in Alpnach and comprising Alpnach Schränke AG, Alpnach Küchen AG and ZURAG AG. The group dates back to 1966, the year in which her father Theo founded Alpnach Schränke AG. Breisacher joined the family business in 1987 after completing her commercial apprenticeship. Before taking over the family reins in 2008, she worked in various positions within the company and founded Alpnach Küchen AG together with her father.Besides heading a workforce of almost 200 employees at Alpnach Norm Holding AG, Breisacher is very committed to outside endeavours such as her father’s foundations and the Lungern-Turren cable car.