Anders Indset

Anders Indset

Business philosopher & author

The esteemed Norwegian business philosopher is an author of bestsellers such as "Wild Knowledge" and "Quantum Economy". He is a valued sparring partner for top executives and politicians.

As the initiator of the "Enkelfähiginitiative" and co-owner of the "Quantum Economy Institute" (TQEI), he strives for a paradigm shift in management and leadership practices. Indset envisions the future economy progressing through the liberation of technology and human potential. Considering the rapid advancements, particularly in quantum and AI technologies, he stresses the need to transition from a knowledge society to a mind society.

Indset frequently writes about artificial intelligence and the potential impact of a singularity on humanity. As a former "hardcore capitalist" and competitive athlete, he advocates for positive progress. He aims to establish a performance culture based on values as a response to current challenges.