Zippsafe AG

Whether hospital, pharma or hotel - companies whose employees wear workwear often have a common problem: space. Locker-rooms take up to a tenth of the company's usable space. Zippsafe AG from Zurich puts an end to this. Their unique locker-room solution saves up to 70 percent of space compared to traditional lockers. Thereby space is freed up and can rather be used for additional capacities or can be transformed from a cost- to a profit center. This is thanks to the technology company's flexible storage system.

The previously rigid metal locker is replaced by a smart textile locker-bag that adapts to the items stowed. Clothes can be conveniently hung on the retractable hanger and items can be stored in the inner pocket. Moreover, the system developed by the two ETH mechanical engineering graduates David Ballagi and Carlo Loderer not only saves hundreds of square meters per building: additional IoT functions enable digital locker management, smart ventilation and live-monitoring of the systems.

This locker-room solution already convinces globally. Only four years after its invention, international and national major customers such as SWISS, Jelmoli and the Cantonal Hospital of Winterthur are successfully using Zippsafe.