Yamo AG

yamo stands for fresh and science-based food that babies and children love. The Zug-based start-up is fully aware of the importance of healthy eating from a young age. Its products with names like “Inbanana Jones” and “Mariah Cherry” are 100% organic, plant-based, with no added sugar – and as delicious as homemade to boot. yamo’s production processes involve high-pressure pasteurisation instead of heat sterilisation, helping to preserve the vitamins, taste, colour and smell of the food. The first direct-to-consumer company for baby and child nutrition has been on the market since 2018 and was founded by Tobias Gunzenhauser, José Amado-Blanco and Luca Michas.

Selling products not only through retailers but also through direct sales means they are very familiar with their customers’ preferences. This enables them, together with their growing team, to develop new products quickly and on a continuous basis – for babies to schoolchildren in more and more European countries.