Voliro AG

Through its innovative and unique drone, specifically designed for contact-based operations, Voliro is changing the approach to inspection, maintenance, and repair work at height. Since its launch in 2019, the company has distinguished itself as a pioneer in developing flying robots capable of performing physical work in the air. Its signature feature, a tiltable rotor system, allows it to apply consistent pressure to surfaces, opening new possibilities for robotic work around various structures. The drone's advanced 360° design also ensures stable operation on curved and inclined surfaces.

By signing 31 annual subscriptions for its Robotics-as-a-Service solution in just 14 months, Voliro has proven that its technology is not only innovative, versatile and adaptable but also in high demand.

Looking ahead, Voliro has set out to further expand its presence in the US market, which has already shown significant interest and is emerging as the fastest growing segment for its offerings. Backed by a dedicated team of 32 professionals, Voliro is committed to unlocking the potential of its technology to deliver unparalleled performance to its customers.


Timo Müller, COO & Co-Founder, Voliro