Teylor AG

Teylor AG, founded in Zurich in 2018, stands for a revolutionary reorientation of SME financing. Its mission: to make access to corporate credit faster and easier. This offers financial institutions and lenders attractive returns and greater security.

The traditional credit market is characterised by manual and outdated processes that make corporate lending unprofitable for banks and bureaucratic for SMEs. This is where Teylor AG comes in: It digitises and automates the entire lifecycle of a loan on its platform. SMEs gain digital access to financing, while banks can digitise their lending processes on the platform. Teylor thus creates a seamless connection between SMEs, financial institutions and private debt investors, making lending much more efficient.

Teylor has become Europe's largest fintech lending platform for SMEs. Its software has already been implemented by more than a dozen financial institutions across Europe. But that's not all: Teylor is continuously expanding its platform by integrating AI capabilities. Its goal is to become the global leader in SME financing.


Patrick Stäuble, Founder & CEO, Teylor AG