T3 Pharmaceuticals AG

Improving the lives of people with cancer with the most innovative treatments - that is the vision of T3 Pharma. The biotech company's approach is based on living bacteria and the type 3 secretion system, a natural bacterial mechanism that releases proteins directly into target cells. The spin-off from the University of Basel has transformed it to develop a proprietary technology that uses bacteria to enable the rapid and efficient delivery of bioactive proteins with therapeutic activity into eukaryotic cells.

T3 Pharmaceuticals has thus managed to hold its own in the highly competitive cancer therapy industry: founded in 2015 by Simon Ittig, Christoph Kasper, Marlise Amstutz and Helmut Kessmann, the "Science Startup of the Year 2018" has already secured investments amounting to 40 million Swiss francs. And it still has a lot of plans: Since this year, its main product has been undergoing clinical trials, and further therapy modalities are to follow soon.