Solar Manager AG

Solar Manager makes both the optimisation of self-consumption and the visualisation of solar power effortlessly possible. The start-up is already focusing on installation companies which can use the installation app to install the systems easily and intuitively.
End customers also benefit from the reduced effort involved in their solar power systems. Following the one-time setup, Solar Manager distributes the electricity independently through the building or home, with the customer app providing an overview of the data relating to all connected devices at all times.
This approach enables Solar Manager to support the faster amortisation of investments in systems and the trends towards heating with heat pumps and electric mobility.
Solar Manager was founded in 2020 by Andreas Kuhn, Corinne Kuhn and Hans Fischer in Muri, in the canton of Aargau. Their software has since helped to maximise the self-consumption of more than 4,000 single-family homes and small apartment buildings – and this figure keeps on rising.
To continue to meet new demands regarding the installation and operation of solar power systems, the globally located Solar Manager team is already working on innovations with the potential to shape the future of solar energy.