Smith & Smith

We are young, dynamic, fresh, established but not an establishment, company and crony, firm and family, spirits and spirit, sales with an embrace, we are not interested in fashions, not in points, even if they adorn our wines in large numbers. What counts is style and character, whether king or punk, fairy or colourful dog, diva or oddball, always personalities, always with soul, for every occasion, whether party or fiasco, dinner or drama, picnic or award ceremony, aperitif or night out, companions - just like our winegrowers, loyal souls, close friends, personalities, unperturbed by fashions and critics, who, like us, dare to try new things and preserve what is good - above all nature. Singing birds, dancing wines, happiness instead of glyphosate, cheeky instead of sulphur, organic, biodynamic, natural wines are our standards, for occasional drinkers and connoisseurs, for bars and beer gardens, grand hotels, beverage retailers and wholesalers, always there for you, in our shops in Zurich, Bern and online, at private tastings, street food festivals or ChefAlps. And what you can't get out there, we make ourselves in here - for ourselves and for you. Drink different.