RetinAI Medical AG

RetinAI enables clinics, research and the pharmaceutical industry to make the right decisions faster. In its approach, the Bern-based start-up sees the eye as the “window” to the body as a whole. The company’s certified software solutions collect, organise and analyse health data of all kinds with the aid of artificial intelligence, enabling health professionals to maintain an overview of their clinical data, acquire new knowledge and improve their efficiency. The software company RetinAI was founded in 2016 by Carlos Ciller, Sandro De Zanet and Stefanos Apostopoulos.

It pursues the vision of an effective open-data ecosystem that helps to improve understanding of diseases and their consequences thanks to improved insights. The start-up has a strong belief in the possibilities of digital precision medicine and in its own potential in the field of customised solutions. It also knows that the vision is most likely to become reality via a collaborative approach. With this in mind, RetinAI works together with partners on the digitalisation of the healthcare system and more efficient healthcare delivery.