Eat well on the go and protect the environment at the same time: What used to be a contradiction in terms with most take-aways is now being put into practice by reCIRCLE AG. The start-up from Bern has created the world's first industry solution for returnable packaging.

Their idea is as simple as it is effective: restaurants and take-aways rent the reCIRCLE BOXES made in Switzerland and make them available to their customers in return for a deposit. After use, the box can be returned to any participating partner in the reCIRCLE network - and that now includes over 1200 takeaways like the Indian or Chinese restaurant in your street, canteens or chains like coop. If a partnercompany no longer needs its boxes or they get too many back, they can simply be returned to reCIRCLE for the same price.

The advantages of this system are obvious: Each partner company saves money and plastic every day. A reCIRCLE BOX can be used at least 200 times. This results in less waste, lower disposal costs and a better environment every day. In Switzerland, reCIRCLE AG is already celebrating great success with this sustainable idea. Its goal for the future: consolidation of the network in Switzerland and a cross-border reusable system throughout Europe.