PXL Vision

PXL Vision provides a software platform for secure identity verification, enabling the creation & management of trusted digital identities. PXL Vision AG is a Swiss ETH spin-off and was founded by former key employees of Dacuda AG (exit to Magic Leap), an award-winning computer vision company.

PXL’s Daego® - digital alter ego - is a scalable software platform for identity verification, enabling the creation of trusted digital identities, helping businesses reduce fraud, minimize cost of customer onboarding and increase sales conversion. Daego® uses camera-based devices and latest computer vision and machine learning to automatically extract data from ID documents and verify the document’s authenticity. It then verifies a person’s identity via biometric facial recognition and liveness checks.

Daego® is modular and cross-platform, providing highest security at full automation and a customizable, yet globally scalable SaaS solution. PXL Vision's customers, among others, include Sunrise and SwissSign with the SwissID. PXL Vision is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with R&D centers in Novi Sad, Serbia, and Yerevan, Armenia.