Proptech Partners SA / Neho

Proptech Partners, through its flagship brand Neho, is shaking the real estate brokering business by offering a revolutionary home buying and selling service. They do so by providing a transparent and in-control experience, a perfect combination of human & digital servicing, at a fair price. After 5 years of intensive IT development, Neho has integrated all the stakeholders around the transaction of a property: sellers, agents, assistants, photo shooters, buyers & financial advisors. The company counts more than 4’000 clients and has concluded over 3’000 sales. The Lausanne-based start-up was founded in 2017 by Eric Corradin, Florent Bourachot, Guillaume Dubray & Steve Savioz. Neho’s primary goal is to become the reference in buying and selling a property in Switzerland, so that many more people can enjoy an emotionally unharmed process and get the most out of their transaction.

Neho, Co-founder & CEO, Eric Corradin