Swiss Post has a long-standing reputation for transporting goods and information confidentially and reliably. For several years, it has also been using this core competency to support the Swiss healthcare sector – as a trustworthy partner in digitization and logistics processes. Swiss Post aims to be the driving force behind the networking of the healthcare sector, ensuring that service providers can cooperate and structure their processes more efficiently and, in turn, can increase the quality of healthcare provision. To this end, it provides “Cuore – the Swiss health platform”. A secure and neutral platform where service providers can access the digital services that are right for them. Wherever it is possible and makes sense to do so, Swiss Post connects its services with the information and goods streams for the healthcare system. As such, it provides reliable solutions for comprehensive provision, ensuring that supply chain management runs smoothly from ordering to delivery and sterile preparation. This combination of the physical and the digital along the entire treatment path enables service providers to concentrate on their medical competencies and, by extension, on caring for their patients – thanks to the range of services provided by Swiss Post.