Planted Foods AG

With slogans like "Like chicken. Only better." Planted advertises its meat substitute. The chicken from the tube consists of just four ingredients: Peas, rapeseed oil, water and a healthy dose of vitamin B12. In the process, the planted meat meets hungry mouths: the products are sold in more than 3000 retail shops in German-speaking countries, as well as in restaurants and in the company's own web shop.

In addition to planted.chicken, the range also includes pulled pork, schnitzel and even kebab meat. In the special production process called wet extrusion, plant proteins are transformed into animal muscle fibre proteins. Compared to chicken, 74% of greenhouse gas emissions are saved. That's why they want to keep growing.

The founders Lukas Böni, Pascal Bieri, Christoph Jenny and Eric Stirnemann are ambitious. Their goal? To make the world a better place with their plant-based meat, bite by bite. This also appeals to the investors, who have already invested over 17 million Swiss francs since the company was founded in 2019.