Osterwalder AG

Industry Innovation

The Swiss mechanical engineering company Osterwalder, founded in 1882, is headquartered in Lyss, canton Bern. It is renowned as a pioneer in the development of energy-efficient powder presses with high pressing forces.

There is an urgent global need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate ongoing global warming. The increasing demands for sustainable, efficient and resource-conscious production are gaining significance. Osterwalder has set a new standard in terms of operational efficiency. With its servo-electric multi-plate powder presses, the company significantly contributes to sustainable, resource-efficient and climate-neutral production. Osterwalder electric presses help reduce CO2 emissions by 70% over the lifecycle of a press, particularly during production operations. The primary focus is on replacing fully hydraulic presses with their high energy consumption and increasing the overall equipment effectiveness for customers.

Driven by its innovative spirit, Osterwalder provides future-focused customers with customized solutions across the production process. On the way to emission-free, climate-neutral production.