neustark AG

To achieve the net-zero target by 2050, we need to not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also remove a lot of CO₂ from the atmosphere permanently. Neustark, which was set up in Bern in 2019, has grown fast to become one of the top carbon removal providers. They’ve come up with a really clever, scalable solution that carbonates CO₂ in mineral waste streams like demolition concrete. The company works with partners from the biogas, recycling and construction industries and offers CO₂ removal certificates to help companies offset their hard-to-avoid residual emissions.

With almost 120,000 tonnes of carbon removal certificates sold to companies like UBS and Microsoft, Neustark is one of the top 10 worldwide. And the scale-up is already making a difference: just over a year after the first commercial plants launched, neustark has already permanently removed 1,800 tonnes of CO₂. With the goal of removing one million tonnes of CO₂ by 2030, neustark is focusing on growing in Europe and North America. The 50 employees are at the heart of everything we do. They're guided by a vision of a bright future for everyone on earth.

Valentin Gutknecht, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Neustark