matriq was founded in 2019 in St. Gallen as a spin-off from the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences OST and has since focused on an innovative plastic marking solution for traceability and serialization. Today, producing parts and marking them are separate, disjunctive process steps, often done by adhesive labels or laser. These downstream processes all require handling and equipment that add cost and cycle time.

DynamicMold® removes complexity and saves time and money by integrating marking directly into the forming process. A small mold insert applies an individual 2D code to each formed part in milliseconds. Importantly, it does not alter the process cycle. As a result, various end-use industries, including food and medical packaging, can eliminate an extra step, save material and energy, and reduce their CO2 footprint. All while maintaining quality control, traceability, regulatory compliance and brand protection. matriq’s groundbreaking technology is based on microtechnology produced in clean rooms. It uses hundreds of microheaters to create a camera-readable pattern on the surface of every part.

The DynamicMold® technology – a small insert with a big impact, helping to enable transparent value chains and a circular economy.