Founded in 2022 by Marie Didier, the Neuchâtel-based company MATIS has pioneered a hardware-based, fully encrypted solution tailored for the art ecosystem.
Today, checking the authenticity of provernance of art is stil mostlyl analogue and in very rare occasions, are mandated to external scientific laboratories leading to additional costs. MATIS' cutting-edge technology features an illumination-induced multispectral module driven by machine-learning algorithms and an exclusive pigment database, enabling the extraction of valuable data for art stakeholders such as chemometrics analysis and the creation of secure digital artwork fingerprints stored in their encrypted database. This technology offers a customized and promising solution for museum institutions, leading art investment platforms, as well as restoration and security experts, specializing in fraud prevention and protection against looting.
MATIS aims to become the pioneering standard at the confluence of art and technology, emphasizing authenticity, expertise, and a deep commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and sustainability in the art industry.