Lidl Schweiz

Industry Innovation

Lidl Switzerland operates nationwide more than 170 stores and is characterized by a product range that embodies quality, freshness, Swiss identity and sustainability.

Food waste is a significant topic within the food industry that the company addresses through multiple measures. The same goes for the global plastic crisis resulting from single-use plastic packaging, which Lidl Switzerland is aiming to avoid and reduce, and to increase recycling rates. In collaboration with the Empa research institute, Lidl Switzerland has developed an eco-friendly spray packaging that not only contributes to reducing plastic but also reduces food waste, in the supply chain, in stores and in households. The innovative cellulose protective layer serves as a coating for fruits and vegetables and aims to replace traditional packaging. Extracted from side streams of the food industry, the solid residues of processes such as juicing are subsequently bleached and finely ground into cellulose fibres. This results in a uniform layer that helps to significantly prolong the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Lidl Switzerland’s long-term vision is to reduce petroleum-based packaging and minimize food waste through extended freshness.