Its Smart Lighting System for commercial buildings is easy to install, and regulates the lighting strength accurately and in a needs-based approach with the aid of hundreds of sensors.

The system allows for energy savings of up to 90% without sacrificing comfort, and the sensor data collected also makes it possible to optimise operations within a building. In brief, it is the most efficient, intelligent and user-friendly lighting system on the market. 

LEDCity was founded in 2017 by Patrik Deuss and Florian Gärtner-Wyniger, and now has over 30 employees. The company pursues a series of ambitious goals and hopes that its products will make it possible to reduce electricity production requirements by the equivalent of an entire nuclear power plant by 2027. It also aims to reduce global electricity consumption for lighting by 80% by 2037 through its activities. Two key milestones towards achieving the LEDCity vision involve enabling efficient use of electrical energy worldwide and accelerating the elimination of dependence on fossil fuels.