Lantal Textiles AG

Industry Innovation

Lantal Textiles AG, a Swiss company established in 1886, has been renowned for its traditional values and top-quality products and services for over 130 years, serving prestigious clients like Swiss, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways and Emirates.

Traditionally, aircraft carpets were dyed using a labour- and energy-intensive and slow, yarn-dyeing process. Lantal has revolutionized this industry with the world’s first digital dyeing technology in aircraft carpets, making it more sustainable and efficient. The company’s groundbreaking deep-dyeing method ensures thorough penetration of colour throughout the carpet, not just on the surface. Through this innovation, Lantal reduces water consumption by 60% during production and minimizes waste by 80%. The resulting lightweight carpets also contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Lantal’s ambitious vision aims to lead the global market in eco-friendly transportation interior products by 2030, prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility in the transportation industry.