iniVation AG

iniVation develops the world's most advanced vision systems for robots, IoT and intelligent mobile devices. Inspired by the human eye, the Zurich start-up's neuromorphic technology offers unprecedented advantages over conventional solutions: In addition to ultra-low delay time, low data rates and a high dynamic range, the vision systems have particularly low power consumption.

This high performance is made possible by a unique combination of hardware and software - the so-called "Dynamic Vision Platform": the vision system's sensor only records changes in a scene - and not entire images. The company's founders include CEO Dr. Kynan Eng, and ETH Professor Tobi Delbrück, the original inventor of the sensor. Starting in 2015, the team has grown to 19 members today. Today, 300 customers from the automotive, consumer electronics and robotics already rely on iniVation - and the number is growing daily.