hemotune AG

hemotune is rethinking the concept of blood purification: Given the lack of effectiveness of existing methods, the Zurich-based medtech start-up is working on developing a groundbreaking procedure based on magnetic nanoparticles. Its blood purification platform enables the simultaneous extraction of multiple disease-relevant substances, with unprecedented selectivity and efficiency.

Co-founded in 2017 by CEO Lukas Langenegger and CSO Carlos Mora, hemotune has since built up an interdisciplinary team focused on developing an initial application for the magnetic beads. The application aims to restore immune balance in the context of sepsis. The disease, also known as “blood poisoning”, is responsible for around 20% of deaths every year. 

As the start-up works to bring the procedure to clinics as quickly as possible, every day it gets a little closer to its goal - a future where precision blood purification is an indispensable tool in improving treatment outcomes and saving lives.