HAYA Therapeutics SA

Founded in 2019, HAYA Therapeutics SA is revolutionising medicine with precision RNA therapeutics that use the dark genome to reprogram disease-causing cellular states. Their innovative approach aims to combat fibrosis and other health conditions by targeting long non-coding RNAs. Their mission is to identify and develop disease-modifying therapeutics that have the potential to be more effective, safer and more accessible than existing treatments.

The company has built an excellent team of 38 employees across two sites, BiopoleCampus in Lausanne, Switzerland and JLABs in San Diego, USA, and is close to entering the clinical phase with promising developments in the areas of cardiovascular and oncology therapies.

With an impressive portfolio and a strong growth strategy, HAYA is on its way to shaping the future of medicine. It could fundamentally change the way we treat diseases.


Samir Ounzian, CEO & Co-Founder, HAYA Therapeutics