GuestReady AG

Increasing mobility increases the demand for flexible accommodation. For property owners, short-term rentals are a lucrative but a logistically complex business to compete in. This is where GuestReady comes in. With professional services for property investors, homeowners and Airbnb hosts, GuestReady provides a hotel-quality guest experience in a homely environment. GuestReady is a leading real estate technology company focused on short-term and long-term rental management, currently active in over 20 cities worldwide.

Thanks to modern technologies, a personalised style of property management is made possible. The company coordinates all the necessary processes. GuestReady hosts are provided with guest communication support, assisted check-ins, concierge services, hotel-quality bed linen and towels, cleaning services and other amenities. The high level of service increases guest satisfaction and thus the chance of positive reviews and long-term success of the properties.