Gnubiotics Sciences AG

Gnubiotics Sciences SA is revolutionizing the health management of the microbiome by applying a macro concept of 100% natural glycans to feed the microbiome. The microbiome consists of more than 900 microorganism species, mostly bacteria and fungi, numbering several trillion in total.

A healthy diverse microbiome is essential for human life, regulating digestion and providing immune protection. The Lausanne-based biotech company has been researching, developing, patenting and producing complex, diverse and 100% natural glycans since 2016. These glycans mimic those found in animal breast milk i.e., humans, cats and dogs. They are the primary nutrient feeding beneficial microorganisms, reducing growth of harmful microorganisms, and binding to the intestinal membrane strengthening its immune protection.

Gnubiotics’ first product, AMObiome, can be added to the feed of domestic pets and production animals and is available for sale in the EU. Other products to benefit humans are in development for infant formula and medical/therapuetic nutrition.