Exeon Analytics AG

Cyber attacks are already a big problem today and will concern us much more in the future. For example, companies often need several weeks or even months to realise that they have become the victim of a cyber attack. During this time, attackers have time to penetrate systems, steal valuable data and paralyse the IT network - often for a ransom.

ExeonTrace is software that identifies irregularities in the network within hours. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse data streams produced by the network. Unlike international competitors, this is done without any additional hardware. ExeonTrace therefore has many advantages. It is faster to set up, less complicated to maintain and can also process large amounts of data without any problems. The algorithm of the ETH spin-off, which has won several awards, is already being used by numerous customers.

Exeon has been in existence since 2016 and has passed the million mark in turnover in 2020. Exeon aims to become Europe's leading network detection and response solution.