Daphne Technology SA

Climate change is real and happening now, with methane being second only to carbon dioxide in driving climate change. Cutting methane emissions is critical to short-term global warming reduction. Daphne Technology, a key Climate Deep Tech player in the energy transition, is focused on solving the GHG challenge in tough-to-decarbonise industries. Their innovative solutions, including PureMetrics for measuring emissions and SlipPure for reducing them, are recognised as industry references to accelerate methane abatement and facilitate the Net-Zero goals. Founded in 2017 by CEO Mario Michan, Daphne Technology is an award-winning company headquartered in Lausanne, VD. Their mission is to develop and integrate innovative technology to measure, reduce, and monetise the reduction of GHG emissions from industrial sources. Daphne Technology's passion is to make businesses sustainable. They believe that by leading the way to a Net-Zero future and protecting the environment through innovation, they can create a better tomorrow.

Daphne Technology, Founder & CEO, Juan Mario Michan