Dagsmejan Ventures AG

After a restful night's sleep, we are full of energy and ready to realise our full potential. Dagsmejan has made healthy sleep its mission and develops functional sleepwear that is tailored to individual physiological needs.

By combining the finest natural fibres, state-of-the-art sleep research and innovative textile technology, the company creates a completely new sleep experience. Dagsmejan takes a scientific approach to the design and testing of its products. All claims are validated by third-party institutes. The products are popular beyond the country's borders and the company has very high customer satisfaction rates. The functional sleepwear comes in relaxed elegance. All products are sustainably produced in Europe.

Due to its promising value proposition in an attractive market environment, the Zurich-based company was given a high growth potential by the SEF.Growth experts in 2020 and awarded the quality label "SEF High-Potential SME".

Dagsmejan Ventures AG.