Carvolution AG

Carvolution is No. 1 in the Swiss car subscription market. The start-up from Bannwil offers a wide range of cars in a simple, flexible and inexpensive all-inclusive package. Customers choose their vehicle online and can get behind the wheel in just a few days. Carvolution handles tyre changes and servicing. Accidents or adjustments to the kilometre package can be dealt with quickly via the app. The fixed monthly price covers all costs.

With this business model, Carvolution has been successfully following the global trend of “access instead of ownership” since 2018. The car subscription pioneer was founded by Oliver Kofler, Léa Miggiano, Luis Wittwer and Bernhard Drüner. Today, more than 80 people take care of one of Switzerland's biggest fleets and ensure customer satisfaction.

The start-up’s steady growth makes it possible to respond ever more effectively to changes in the market. The car subscription model is predicted to reach a market share of 40% as early as 2030. By then, Carvolution wants to be people’s clear first choice when it's time for their next vehicle.