Auterion AG

Auterion simplifies the way businesses and public authorities collect data, deliver goods and perform high-risk work. The Zurich-based company’s open-source operating system standardises the use of drones and mobile robots, makes them safer to operate and brings all the relevant data together in the cloud, for consistently reliable workflows.

Auterion was co-founded by Lorenz Meier in 2017. The CEO and his team of more than 70 employees in Switzerland, the USA and Germany, as well as five other countries, are working together to resolve the limitations of existing drone systems and build the world’s largest autonomous mobility platform.

While autonomous mobility and robotics are still in their infancy, with the increasing spread of mobile robots the young company is reaching more and more industries and helping to bring about lasting change. At the same time, its tireless commitment to the open-source community is supporting a community of over ten thousand developers worldwide, with open-source technology and standards, making it possible to enhance and grow the drone and robotics industry as a whole.