Astrocast offers a low-cost, bi-directional and highly secure satellite connection to any IoT device on Earth, in a few minutes. In partnership with the European Space Agency, Airbus, the CEA and Thuraya, is deploying an advanced nano-satellite network for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Any sensor on Earth can become an IoT device and soon millions of them will be connected. Alas, only 10 % of the Earth surface is covered by cellular networks. Astrocast, with its infrastructure of 64 nano-satellites and miniaturized ground terminals offers a global coverage and essential features such as 2-way communication, low latency, high-security and over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Astrocast is already operating 2 satellites and will start commercial service by selling terminals and data plans in 2020. In August 2017, Astrocast closed a seed round of CHF 4.1 M and is currently raising CHF 20 M to support the deployment of the first planes of satellites. Astrocast will be the first Swiss satellite telecommunication operator with revenue targets of CHF 65 M by the end of 2022.