AAAccell offers academically advanced solutions in Asset- and Risk Management using leading research in Quant Finance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

Today, most assets are still managed like 25 years ago. This means in a lot of manual intuition required to complement existing methods that have not advanced in-line with the globalization of investor preferences and the sheer volume of data today. Combined with not taking advantage of modern technology like AI / machine learning and Big Data the result is investors bearing unnecessarily high risks for lower possible returns. AAAccell has developed a unique service that reduces a portfolio’s risk for an increased level of return. It is based on leading research in quantitative finance, AI and machine learning, econometrics, mathematics, and statistics.

The unique goal of the service is to improve Portfolio performance and return whilst systematically reducing the risk taken to achieve those returns. This service covers the spectrum of investor portfolios from the largest institutional investor to the first-time Digital Wealth investor.